I now have a new addiction.
— Andrew N.
Watching the Sounders and nomming some great Brats! Thanks for a great lunch guys; great combination beer & brats @ West Seattle Brewery!
— Monika L
Back from the holidays I passed the fully steaming Brat Wagen....had to do a “U” turn and double back. Well worth the effort....
them be some righteous dawgs !!!! Alex has a winner ( wiener ) with this cart here....local sourced dogs, artisan mustards, Tim’s Cascade chips and Izze’s soda in the perfect sized cans. ....get out, get going, and get dogged !!!!
— Bernard C
If you like Bratwurst (or Brats)... you are going to LOVE this... Alex Beach has set up a new mobile Das Brat Wagen outside the West Seattle Brewing Company on Fauntleroy Way...He even does catering!
— West Seattle Herald
We had BOTH by the way and oh MAN...these are GREAT. He buys them from Bavarian Meats in the Pike Place Market and they are very high quality. Buns are from Grand Central Bakery.
— West Seattle Herald
Wednesday 02-04-15 I work at Washington Management Company located @ the heart of the West Seattle Junction and from our store front, I spied Das Brat Wagen stationed in front of Key Bank at the corner of Alaska/California. Couldn’t quite make out if they were selling espressos or hot dogs. Determined to find out and make a purchase either way, I made my way across the walk all-ways crossing that is the junction and met two friendly cart attendants (the cook and his hospitable assistant). After some friendly chat while my order was being fired up, I was on my way with two loaded bratwurst for me and my boss. They were delicious, meaty and juicy. I hope they can make it a permanent or at least frequent station in our west Seattle junction.
— Square customer
Mustard selection really great!
— Square customer

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